3D-Business Intelligence™ (3D-BI™)

Operational Excellence

Executed effectively, an Active 3D-BI will reduce the incident to resolution time from an Industry leading 3 hours to under 10 minutes.

An industry leading plant operator takes approximately 3 hours to fulfill an incident to resolution workflow, while an average facility can take many days to execute the same workflow. For even the most efficiently run plants, general incidents lasting 3 hours or more is expensive and inefficient and for critical incidents, it is just plain dangerous. Unfortunately an all too frequent response to a critical incident is the unexpected shutdown that often runs into millions of dollars of lost production and poses the risk of injuries or worse.

To shift from the two dimensional world of clipboards and paper, or the Dashboard overload most large plants operations suffer from, is to introduce an Active 3D model of your plant connected to all enterprise systems of record to produce Active 3D Business Intelligence (3D-BI).

By employing 3D-BI solutions from INOVX, clients can gain instant insight into asset location and dependencies, required tooling, shut down procedures, permitting instructions, case histories, isometric drawings, P&ID’s all within a single Active 3D Plant Model interface that can be used on any mobile device of choice.


Predictive Asset Integrity and Preventative Maintenance

Now what if the problem could be reversed and the resolution be delivered before the Incident?

Without Active 3D-BI operators are ignorant to asset location and the degree of difficulty of the resolution. Without this essential data, a formal preventative maintenance plan cannot be executed. Instead it will take an engineer hours and possibly days to gather the data to make an informed decision, and even then still longer to issue instructions to execute a maintenance plan.


To learn more about 3D-BI or to purchase services, please contact support@inovx.com.