Creating the Digital Twin™


Often the first phase on the journey to a Digital Plant is to review what current physical assets may be available such as P&ID’s, 2D Isometrics, 3D Plant Plans, etc. and then review the core systems of record within the IT architecture, Inspection, Maintenance, ERP, Logistics, plus many others, and to decide on a visualization platform that will bring all information assets together such as Inovx V-suite.

It is often the case that no up to date “AS IS” 3D CAD, or 3D Drawings are available, therefore a starting point for plants that do not have an up-to-date and accurate 3D model of their assets, is to DIGITALLY SCAN their facility creating the content from which an Intelligent Active 3D Model can be built.

Inovx has been at the forefront of Digital Laser Scanning for over 17 years, and has an enviable history of producing the most accurate 3D Models of engineering quality tolerances. With over 6000 linear miles of completed scans for some of the largest and most complex industrial plants in the world, Inovx stands alone for plant knowledge, accuracy, speed and value. By itself, this service is invaluable as it creates a 3D model that accurately and precisely represents the plant’s “as-built” conditions, coupled with INOVX V-Suite software we can provide your entire platform for the Digital Plant.

Since the 3D model is extremely precise and built to scale, it becomes the “official” as-built documentation that serves as a starting point for all revamp / retrofit projects. It also can be used for studies of mission-critical tasks, and when coupled with V-Suite, this becomes the starting point for game-changing digital applications.

"As-Built" Data Capture using 3D Laser Scanning

INOVX’ asset documentation field service is designed to survey and capture existing “as-built” conditions using advanced and extremely accurate 3D laser scanning technology. Accuracy is within 5 millimeters.

INOVX has a proven track record and efficient work processes to capture asset “as-built” 3D data. With over 500 successfully completed projects in complex process plant environments, INOVX is a recognized leader in laser scanning methodologies needed for achieving engineering level precision.

Scanning performed by INOVX or one of its certified service provider partners will take advantage of this proven methodology for realizing hi-fidelity models from laser scanning.


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