Asset Modeling

RealityLINx Model: Converting Laser Scans into 3D Models

INOVX’s RealityLINx® Model software converts point cloud data from laser scans into 3D electronic models. This three-dimensional software is used by INOVX engineering services team or by other third party service providers to convert the captured 3D laser scans into accurate, to-scale 3D models representing existing plant conditions.

The resulting 3-D model is an object-based model that directly reflects the characteristics of the underlying process elements it represents. Asset intelligence (i.e., based on P&ID data) can then be added to the 3D model, thus creating a more functional database. It also becomes the starting point for linking the 3D model with the various enterprise systems.

Intelligent 3D Models

The resultant virtual model and database represents the “as-built” plant. This model may also be exported to popular CAD systems as the basis for capital projects and ongoing engineering modifications.

INOVX® has developed unique and sophisticated software tools to keep the 3D models synchronized with the CAD systems in order to reflect plant modifications on a regular basis.