Laser Scanning

INOVX® continues to be at the forefront of using Dynamic 3D Asset Virtualization® in Laser Scanning to place data sensors most effectively, and using the sensor data in context to the exact asset in the precise location of the plant. These “smart” assets gather vast sums of real time conditional alert data.

To accomplish this, INOVX begins by employing its asset documentation field service which is designed to survey and capture existing “as-built” conditions using advanced and extremely accurate 3D laser scanning technology. Achieving accuracy within 5 millimeters, INOVX has a proven track record and has developed efficient work processes to capture asset “As-Built” 3D data. 

Once the data is captured, whether by laser scanning technology or extracted from existing 3D and 2D drawings, INOVX then creates the 3D As-Is Model to which it adds a full documentation suite of all access points, asset tags and P&IDs. Ultimately the complete As-Is Model is integrated with the EAM Systems, thus optimizing plant efficiency.

With over 500 successfully completed projects in complex process plant environments, INOVX is also a recognized leader in laser scanning methodologies needed for achieving engineering level precision.

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