V-Suite® Core

V-Suite® Core is the platform that underpins the management, integration, and interoperability of 3D Virtual Assets. The complete and interactive plant model, comprised of a database of tags, ISOs, and asset descriptions, along with the Management of Change engine allows the plant model to stay up to date and maintain model integrity.  The software enables end-users at industrial process plants to “virtually” navigate and walk-through their plant’s physical assets from their desktops.

V-Suite Core is the open service oriented infrastructure that allows INOVX applications and 3rd party applications to interoperate and add immense end user value to the Inspection and Maintenance operations.  The client-server architecture of V-Suite Core enables every functional organization within the enterprise to access and review the plant's physical 3D model and corresponding data. When the 3D data is linked with other asset data systems, V-Suite Core offers one common data source for all asset data including current ‘as-built’ asset conditions.

V-Suite Core Features:


  • User Friendly: Highly intuitive for non-CAD users.

  • Specific end-user data organization: permits varying degrees / details of assets’ break-down structure to match specific needs of the job / plant function.

  • To-scale “as-built” 3D data: enables staff to consider physical plant layout (accessibility, dimensions, clearances, etc.) before performing any field task.

  • Data Integration: real-time links provide live integration of data from external systems such as document management, ERP, inspection, maintenance, scheduling, and other plant systems with the INOVX 3D asset database.

  • Search & Query: users can drill-down into the asset data from the 3D model or they can search on asset tags or line numbers as well as being able to color-code the model based on standard or customized queries.

  • Customized Asset Management Applications: offers a toolkit for data integration, as an add-on to RealityLINx, enabling easy and practical methods to integrate the 3D asset objects with any corresponding data residing in any database within the plant’s enterprise.

  • Role Based: enabling customized plant views and user experiences based on the functional organization of the user, ensuring that the right information is readily accessible to users when and how they need it.

  • Multi-User Architecture: incorporates support for multiple interactive users, on-demand access to shared ‘as-built’ physical asset data, and real-time access to plant data -- all with the capability of running on standard business desktops. RealityLINx has also been certified under Microsoft's Design for Windows program, ensuring a user-friendly interface and smooth deployment.

  • CAD-Neutral: imports and exports 3D CAD plant design data formats between plant design systems (e.g., PDS, PDMS, etc.) and the INOVX asset database. It enables both EPC’s and Owner/Operator’s to utilize this valuable 3D data by providing a neutral foundation for using plant design data throughout the plant’s lifecycle.

  • Change Management: unique software tools to keep the inoVx asset database synchronized with the CAD system in order to reflect ongoing plant modifications over the plant’s lifecycle on a regular basis.