Software Integration Services

INOVX® and its integration partners offer a full range of Software Integration Services to maximize the value of V-Suite® solutions. Substantial value is derived through the integration of a plant’s 3D model with the enterprise’s maintenance, inspection and operations systems in place. Examples include SAP’s PM (Plant Maintenance) Solution and Meridium’s Asset Performance Management Inspection and Reliability Solution. INOVX offers several, pre-developed and certified intelligent adapters that provide integrations between V-Suite and the more common enterprise applications found in the heavy process industries. Based on a given clients specific requirements, INOVX will develop and support additional adapters as required based upon a jointly developed and mutually agreed upon technical specification.

End-User Training Services

INOVX® offers a range of V-Suite® training courses that are designed to address the requirements of new and/or novice users as well as advanced users. The standard course curriculum and materials have been developed and are delivered by INOVX professionals and are easily modified by INOVX to incorporate new, client-specific V-Suite adapters which provide integration to the plant’s other enterprise applications.


The INOVX® Technical Support organization is made up of a dedicated staff of professionals committed to providing world-class support to our customers in a timely and cost-effective manner. The Technical Support Organization is chartered with the understanding of our customer’s business needs to assist our customers in realizing the maximum return on their investment in V-Suite®.  For further information, please contact

Demonstration Licenses

V-Suite®, sample projects, tutorials and trial licenses may be downloaded upon request. Please send all requests to