Mobile Friendly V-Suite Software

INOVX's V-Suite® is a 3D Asset Integrity Management™ solution that is unique in its ability to provide a platform that integrates 3D Plant models with the operational management of both Inspection and Maintenance processes. It provides a powerful set of solutions, including V-Suite Core, V-Inspection, V-Maintenance, and V-Engineer, that enable unparalleled accuracy of asset information in a dynamic and integrated 3D environment.

V-Suite® delivers real time Inspection plans or Maintenance routines directly to the engineer’s mobile device. This ensures that Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is executed with up to the minute detailed asset condition information, geospatial location and maintenance history from a single application interface. 

V-Suite is designed to interoperate with all of the major business applications that add value to Inspection and Maintenance business execution. It then allows the user to engage with assets in the manner they choose, whether at their desk in the engineering office, as a field inspector utilizing a notebook or tablet, or as a maintenance engineer using a combination of media from paper, to android or mobile device of choice.

The result is faster, more accurate execution of all inspection and maintenance activities in a safe and predictable operation.

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