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INOVX® Solutions, founded in 1999, provides laser scan and 3D modeling services and dedicates on creating software solutions for 3D Asset Integrity Management™ to companies worldwide. Our solutions support various functions to optimize plant management such as reliability, safety, operations, maintenance, inspection, and engineering.  ​

INOVX's innovative V-Suite software platform is used in daily work practices for asset integrity management. Utilizing V-Suite technologies not only helps the users to better communicate and navigate asset information but also increases the return on investment (ROI) in the existing plant management systems such as SAP, PCMS, Meridium, etc.


Our clients can integrate their existing operations and maintenance systems with INOVX V-Suite to deliver a 3D visualization platform of their facilities that revolutionizes the interaction of operations personnel with plant data. Through accessing the high fidelity three-dimensional views of plant assets, it increases the asset data integrity, simplifies complex information, and assist decision making. 


For over 20 years, INOVX Solutions has been the world’s thought leader in the provision of advanced industrial plant inspection and maintenance solutions. With our V-Suite® software, we provide the most robust interoperable platform available to efficiently transform and maintain plant assets as 3D digital twins.  V-Suite integrates seamlessly with other plant applications to enhance and improve maintenance, inspection, operations, training, safety, etc., and improves the performance and reliability of plant assets. 


It remains our vision to provide solutions to facilitate collaboration among local and remote resources through intuitive interaction with robust interactive 3D Digital Twin models, which mirror the as-is conditions of the facility and integrate with existing systems of record. With INOVX's innovative 3D asset management technology, we continue to enhance the V-Suite platform to further assist decision makers, remote subject matter experts, facility personnel, and contractors efficiently access plant asset data, capture and disseminate asset knowledge, respond to incident with timely resolution, and establish long-term business intelligence to improve plant reliability, operational uptime and production, and improve safety. 


INOVX V-Suite is a platform that supports various applications to capture, maintain, and disseminate asset knowledge throughout the plant's operating environment, facilitate remote operations, reduce downtime in manufacturing, and improve plant safety. V-Suite also enables user access to asset information anywhere and anytime via mobile phones or tablets, even offline when working in the field. Clients and partners can leverage the V-Suite SDK to develop specialized Digital Twin 3D asset virtualization applications on the platform to enhance existing off the shelf solutions or fulfill new specific needs.


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