Improve Remote Work & Collaboration

INOVX V-Suite brings the facility to the fingertips of users in a way that best enables the use and dissemination of reliable plant knowledge and information in a dynamic and integrated 3D environment. Subject matter experts or remote workers gain access to critical information and plant knowledge.  Users simplify complex asset information or problems and improve work collaboration that effortlessly integrates disparate plant information from anywhere at any time though interoperable enterprise web and mobile applications.  Users can even work offline and leverage Advanced Work Packages, which allow download of the Digital Twin and associated plant data, drawings, and other plant knowledge.

Advanced Work Packages

INOVX V-Suite creates and delivers unprecedented Advanced Work Packages, which include dynamic 3D Knowledge Views for planning, executing, an analyzing work performed at the facility.  Packages include inspection plans, maintenance routines, safety guidelines, or other functions related to facility assets “inside the fence”. The V-Suite Knowledge Views also include necessary plant information stored in disparate systems, such as historical and real time data, which ensures that Risk Based Inspection (RBI) and other important functions are executed with real-time or near-time detailed asset condition information, geospatial location, and maintenance history from a single application interface.  Enterprise personnel and approved contractors efficiently access the Advanced Work Packages via their mobile devices whether they are working in the office or in the field, even when offline.

Access Data

Any Device, Anytime and Anywhere

INOVX V-Suite allows the users to engage with assets in the manner they choose, whether at their desk in the engineering office, in the field, or even working from home.  For instance, as a field inspector, he/she can utilize a laptop, tablet, or even a mobile phone to access the Digital Twin and Knowledge Views and Advanced Work Packages, e.g., inspection routes and points to inspect and the associated historical asset information.  Because V-Suite supports offline mode, users can work remotely or inside the facility, even if not connected to the enterprise network. The mobile, web, and desktop applications therefore provide the most robust solutions for accessing the Digital Twin to facilitate planning, implementation, and analysis of work.

Asset Management of Change

It is recognized how important it is that facilities do not go offline.  Neither should your Digital Twin!  INOVX deploys industry leading Digital Twin 3D model creation and Management of Change capabilities for true 24/7/365 operational support in our client's digital twins, which include necessary updates to logical or physical assets within the facility model, including field data such as photographs, survey, and laser scan data.  Creation of new models or updates to existing Digital Twins may be performed locally by on-site staff or remotely by staff or 3rd party contractors and captures a complete audit trail of facility changes over time, all while never taking the V-Suite Digital Twin model offline. The most robust and efficient way to create, maintain and sustain a true Digital Twin is possible using INOVX V-Suite.  With a strategy to create and capture asset information, your Digital Twin is within reach using V-Suite!



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