Mistras and INOVX Announce New Partnership

Updated: Mar 25, 2020

Monday October 14, 2015 – MISTRAS Group Inc. (NYSE:MG) and INOVX Solutions Inc. are pleased to announce that it has signed a collaboration agreement to collectively provide 3D inspection solutions, homogenizing the strengths of both companies to provide its Oil and Gas, Refining, and Petrochemical customers with comprehensive, one source, asset protection solutions.

INOVX V-Suite 3D Business Intelligence Solutions
INOVX V-Suite 3D Business Intelligence Solutions

As the use of 3D laser scanning to capture as-built geometry of plants has rapidly grown, industry is increasingly taking advantage of intelligent 3D models based on this data for better plant Reliability. This has, in turn, led to increased demand for (1) more accurate intelligent models, (2) more office-efficient software for creating and deploying these models, and (3) leveraging these models for improved asset protection.

What they’re saying: “We’re very excited about this partnership,” states Russ Davis, National AIMS MI COE Manager for MISTRAS. “We see continued strong demand for our Mechanical Integrity consulting services. INOVX is a great partner for making intelligent plant models for improved Reliability with seamless exchange to plant design CAD software and PCMS. Our integrated solutions will provide significant accuracy, efficiency, and increased reliability benefits.”

"Partnering with MISTRAS, the industry leader in mechanical integrity, is a great fit for expanding and enhancing our software product offerings and our reach into the global market,” says Dave Reinhart, President of INOVX.

About MISTRAS Group: MISTRAS is a leading "one source" global provider of technology-enabled asset protection solutions used to evaluate the structural integrity of critical energy, industrial and public infrastructure. Mission critical services and solutions are delivered globally and provide customers with asset life extension, improved productivity and profitability, compliance with government safety and environmental regulations, and enhanced risk management operational decisions. MISTRAS uniquely combines its industry-leading products and technologies–24/7 on-line monitoring of critical assets; mechanical integrity (MI) and non-destructive testing (NDT) services; destructive testing (DT) services; process and fixed asset engineering and consulting services; and its world class enterprise inspection data management and analysis software (PCMS™) to provide comprehensive and competitive products, systems and services solutions from a single source provider.

About INOVX: INOVX, founded in 1999, provides a platform and solutions for Asset Virtualization® to companies in the process industries worldwide. INOVX’s RealityLINx® product enables the creation, management and access to high fidelity three dimensional views of plant assets. These views are used in daily work practices to better communicate and navigate all asset information. INOVX solutions support many plant functions such as reliability, safety, operations, maintenance, inspection, and engineering. INOVX is a pioneer and thought leader in the application of laser scanning technology for the creation of accurate and precise three dimensional models of existing facilities. This Asset Documentation Service offers a reliable and proven way of creating and maintaining the three dimension asset models. INOVX is headquartered in Irvine, California. For more information please visit www.inovx.com.

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