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Monitoring essential assets

INOVX V-Suite integrates 3D Plant models seamlessly with the essential asset information for inspection, maintenance, and engineering activities to optimize asset management processes and facilitate decision making.

Improve Work Collaboration

INOVX V-Suite enables the accuracy of asset information in a dynamic and integrated 3D environment. Simplify complex asset information and improve work collaboration.

Advanced Work Packages

INOVX V-Suite delivers advanced work packages with dynamic 3D views for real-time inspection plans and maintenance routines. This ensures that Risk Based Inspection (RBI) is executed with up to the minute detailed asset condition information, geospatial location, and maintenance history from a single application interface.  Engineers can efficiently access advanced work packages via their mobile devices whether they are working in the office or the field.

V-Suite® Features and Benefits

IINOVX V-Suite is designed to interoperate with all leading business applications that add value to operation management and inspection and maintenance execution.

Allows V-Suite users to engage with assets in the manner they choose, whether at their desk in the engineering office, as a field inspector utilizing a notebook or tablet, or as a maintenance engineer using a combination of media from paper to mobile device of choice. The result is faster, more accurate execution of all inspection and maintenance activities in a safe and predictable operation.

INOVX V-Suite provides Model Management of Change capabilities to support 24/7 operational support in our client's digital twins. While providing a complete audit trail o facility changes over time, the changes in the digital twins will not have any down-time in the 3D environment.

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