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INOVX’s 3D Asset Integrity Management is the next major leap forward that provides a better way to use and manage asset information while improving its accuracy and extending its benefits into asset performance management.

At the core, 3D Asset Virtualization® transforms Enterprise Asset Management into a real-time dynamic, integrated 3D environment resulting in a vast improvement in asset integrity, reliability, maintenance, operation and inspection within enterprise systems.  

With a global track record of successful projects and proven applications, INOVX® is uniquely positioned to make Asset Virtualization® an integral part of an industrial plant’s daily asset management discipline.

Solutions for Operation Activities

  • Inspection

     INOVX V-Suite Is the end-user application that brings the power of a 3D Plant model into the hands of the Inspection Engineer. Comprised of the very best 3D rendition of the entire plant or individual asset models of specific plant machinery, the Inspection Engineer has everything needed to be displayed on the device of choice. Access Inspection history, add a narrative of current condition analysis, review trends, and annotate recommended actions and maintenance advisories. V-Suite is the application every Plant Inspector has been waiting for, delivering everything needed to meet the challenges of today's regulatory compliance whilst improving efficiency and safety.

  • Maintenance

    Brings planned maintenance, exception maintenance and emergency maintenance together in one application. Using the intelligent 3D plant model, V-Suite provides inter-operable links to SAP, Maximo, PDMS, Real Time Historian and many other supporting applications. V-Suite provides that single aggregate view of current condition analysis, asset history, planned actions, remedies and location access point advisories. Using the Engineer's mobile device of choice, maintenance routines can be optimized to continually survey asset points close to point of operation.

  • Management of Change (MoC)

    INOVX® is the first to offer Management of Change (MoC) capabilities for full 24/7 operational support while providing a complete audit trail of facility changes over time. The MoC tools allow plant operators to efficiently manage physical changes at the plant more effectively and maintain up-to-date with regard to the present situation in the plant in a dynamic 3D environment. 

Solutions for Industries

Oil & Gas Refinery
Power Plant
Replenishment oiler (ship)
Offshore Drilling



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